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The Gilroy Early College Academy (GECA) Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a non-profit (501c) organization that aids in creating the best possible high school experience for all students, staff and parents.  As parents and guardians, we have an unconditional love for our children. As PTSA, we have an unconditional commitment to our school!

 " It takes a village! "  

We made it!  2016-17 was another successful year

We made it!  2016-17 was another successful year.  Freshmen adapted, Sophomores persevered, Juniors continued their exceptional work and Seniors spread their wings, all the while with the support of their teachers, their parents/guardians, and the community. It does take a village!


We worked hard to keep true to our vision: Through communication and participation we build a cohesive team between students, parents, the school, and Gavilan College.


Thank you ALL for helping us reach far beyond our 2016-17 School Year goals. Together, we made a difference! Check out all of this year’s accomplishments ! (attached as PDF, and posted on school loop – PTSA Page)


Thank you to our GECA community for your support. Special thanks to our teachers for inspiring our students and assisting them in their academic achievements, Parents and community members for your help and healthy donations, ASB for keeping us updated with students news all year long in PTSA meetings, PTSA Board for their undivided commitment and willingness, and Last but not least, our principal for keeping it all together.


We(PTSA) also  would like to Thank Frida Arias Rivera for pioneering the first student translator assisting in PTSA meetings.


Our gratitude as well to all our guest speakers: Dr. Rose , Gavilan College Superintendent, and Denise Apuzzo from Gavilan Financial Aid Service and  Outreach Services;  College Wise Director, Marisela Gomez; Santa Clara Department of Alcohol and Drugs Services representative  Lorenzo; and the Executive Director of “Cary the Vision” Shelley Swan.  We learned a great deal from every unique and informative presentation!


In closing special thanks to Joanne and Colleen who stepped up during the Board Election last night and accepted the position of Secretary and Fundraising Chair.


Congratulations and Welcome to our new elected PTSA 2017-18 Board members:    

President: Deborah Rettig –Class 2019 & 2020

Vice-President: Louise Shields Class 2019

Co- VP Linda Lemon Class 2019

Secretary:  Joanne Ohlson Class 2021

Treasurer: Kathlyn Greubel Class 2019

Fundraising Chair: Colleen Ito Class 2020


It was a privilege to serve you this year as the President of PTSA. I am happy that I was able to connect and work with so many new people this year, and I am proud to pass on a financially stable, well organized, vibrant Board which was built on the hard work and ethic of its past and present Board members.


Many thanks to our current Board members Louise, Deborah, Kathlyn, Linda, and Lisa who were a major part of the success for the GECA PTSA. It is our team efforts that allowed us to have such a productive year. 


Best Regards,


Lydie Jones

PTSA President


Dear Parents, Guardians,


Thank you to the families who participated in the September Donation Drive. We will have a report for you at our next PTSA meeting. If you did not get a chance to participate in our first fundraising, here is another opportunity for you to get involved in helping us reaching our goals. We are now starting our Premium Cards Fundraising.


This year our card includes businesses from Morgan Hill, Hollister and Gilroy.! We are very excited about the generous discounts businesses gave us. Please make sure to get one. We will be selling them for $10 each. We are asking our students to help us sell the 700 cards we have.

We will be rewarding the class which sales the most $200 to go towards their Class Funds. One student per each grade who sells the most will also be getting a special prize of a $50 value. All students who sell at least 5 cards will be getting a GECA pennant. We will be distributing at school envelopes on Friday Oct 21st , which students can use to pre-sell their cards. We will encourage them to turn in their orders as soon as possible.


The final dead line will be Dec 2nd.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at president@gecaptsa.org


Thank you!

Lydie Jones


Online Price for Premium Cards are $11.00/each

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  • Meetings are held third Tuesday of each month at 6:00
  • Un-approved Minutes will normally go for approval in following General meetings.
  • All Minutes are in English and Spanish

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