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Mission & Vision

Expected School-Wiide Learning Results

A Dr. TJ Owens Early College Academy graduate will:

Be Someone:

  •  Become a confident leader

    • Develop a sense of personal identity and accept the personal identities of others

    • Utilize effective communication skills, both written and verbal

    • Listen to and validate the opinions and ideas of others

    • Demonstrate initiative and self-direction

Go Somewhere:

  • Believe in and model the qualities of strong character in both an academic and personal community

    • Foster a diverse community that welcomes new members

    • Become a representative of GECA and establish connections to the greater community and globally

Seek Excellence:

  • Acquire the abilities, skills and knowledge required for the lifelong pursuit of ongoing academic, occupational and personal growth

    • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills

    • Develop collegiate-level skills through rigorous curriculum

    • Develop technology literacy for a 21st century education


Dr. TJ Owens Early College Students will reach their highest personal and academic potential by becoming responsible citizens within their community.


To their personal success

- strong leaders who nurture future leaders by demonstrating integrity, desire, determination, and dedication



To their academic success

- critical thinkers who are life-long learners, committed to personal and academic growth



To community

- citizens who are nurturing, responsible, and open-minded problem-solvers